Criminal Law Limits and Bernie Madoff – Life in Prison – Is it Fair For All Concerned?

Criminal law is an interesting philosophical study if you step away from all the laws, rules, and regulations that are written within all the pages of all the law books, codes, and regs. You see there is a limit to criminal justice, and a limit to criminal law. For instance, if someone kills 30 people in an explosion or terrorist act, you can sentence them to death, but then in the end, is their punishment really fair to all the damage they have caused? The punishment didn’t fit the crime, they got off too easy.

And this also goes for corporate crime, for instance in the case of Bernie Madoff, the infamous world record holder for a Ponzi scheme. Apparently, he stole over $50 billion, and claimed he had invested this money, which was worth 150 billion by now. Many people lost their entire life savings and it ruined so many lives. His punishment will probably be life in prison, but he has already led such a wonderful life at the top of the food chain for so many years and he is an old man now.

Is this fair for all concerned? Absolutely not. Even if we were to sentence him to death that really wouldn’t justify a fair punishment for all that hurt he has caused so many people. Not to mention all the nonprofit groups that had to shut down and all the good they can no longer do.

There are ciminal law limits and life in prison or even capital punishment sometimes does not suffice. Perhaps we need to consider this, and figure out a more just way to punish people who do so much damage to our society and civilization.

Law Schools Are Facing an Acute Faculty Crunch

There is dysfunctional in the legal education system. Bright students want to go to law school but there are no good teachers to teach them. It is important to attract talent in faculty. We can do that by improving existing conditions by allowing limited practice and consultancy, inviting visiting adjunct faculty and using information technology for classroom lectures like video conferencing. It is crucial for a teacher to practice, how else would he/she know about new developments?

The existing law schools can be empowered and accredited by the BCI to offer continuing legal education. They can be ask to run certain number of courses for certain number of lawyers. But, that is only a temporary solution. There is a need for a national legal education. Without continuing education no one can function. It is time we organize and institutionalize it.

Is the quality of research also suffering at the PhD level?

For doing the best of legal work one doesn’t need a PhD. However, one does need strong research skills, which is the capacity to integrate knowledge and make a persuasive solution to a problem. This is perhaps the strongest element in the American legal education system. Yes research is the weakest link in our country.

You have also been associated with judicial education. What is its status?

Judicial education has picked up in a very promising way. The greatest thing about it is that judge themselves have started acknowledging the importance of continuing education.

There are 18 state judicial academies and one National Judicial Academy (NJA) in Bhopal. State academies are for judges below the rank of district judge and NJA is for district judges and above. It is heartening to know that even Supreme Court judges are going for an educational retreat once a year at the NJA. The academy has better physical infrastructure facilities than any judicial academy in the world. But once again we lose out on account of the intellectual infrastructure.

What is the thrust of the programme offered at NJA?

The academy offers programmes ranging from three days to one week in duration. The programmes deal with the questions on appreciation of evidence, questions on criminal cases, adjudication or land acquisition disputes.

The thrust of the course is not just on knowledge acquisition but on management as well. How do you manage a court, a docket full of people legal documents and lawyers? How can you administer court, be sensitive towards minorities? So, knowing or unknowingly, during the course of the programme you are leaving your prejudices and working towards improving the quality of justice delivered.

Criminal Justice Salary – One of Important Factors You Should Consider Before Starting Your Career

Do you want to make a career in fighting crime and putting bad guys behind bars? That may sound really good, but you should look at the Criminal Justice Salary before you consider entering this field.

An Overview

The Criminal Justice System is a structure used by the government to maintain law and order, prevent crimes and administer justice. Today, the fast paced expansion in various areas of the Criminal Justice System is creating an excessive demand for skilled workforce in both the local and the federal system.

Factors that Determine Your Salary

Some of the most basic factors that are taken into consideration while determining your salary in the field of Criminal Justice are:

1. Education:

Education plays a vital role when it comes to the remuneration you paid for any job. The more educated you are, the higher your chances are of getting a good income and a benefits plan. For instance, a security guard requires at least a high school diploma or GED, thus it is one of the lowest paying jobs with a median salary of just $30,000 a year. On the other hand, in order to become a criminal investigator, you require at least a master’s degree for which you will be paid a minimum average income of $80,000 a year.

2. Experience:

You may not have the required level of education for a particular job, but have a lot of experience in other fields associated with it. For instance, you may possess a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement but have a long history of working as a police officer. Now, if you wish to switch to becoming a corrections officer, your previous experience will play a huge role in deciding your pay scale. Thus, no matter how educated you are, when it comes to salary, you’re better off getting as much experience as possible in order to enhance your pay scale

3. Job Description:

Criminal Justice is a vast field that has hundreds of lucrative career options. Some of these are limited to a 9 to 5 capacity, whereas the rest are more inclined towards an unpredictable working timetable. Plus, a majority of the jobs within this field hold quite a lot of risks. Thus, you should be physically and mentally attuned towards your working environment as you can.

Apart from this, many positions may also require you to stay detached from your family or even pose as a potential threat to your loved ones. In such career cases, the salary is set according to the requirements of your job.

So, now that you are well aware of the factors affecting the Criminal Justice Salary, you can work on the aspects you lack to earn more in this field.

Guidelines For Choosing an Online Criminal Justice Program

It does not matter whether you are fresh out of high school, trying to look for a higher position within your present career, looking for a change in your career path or you simply wish to obtain a higher level of education in your life, You have plenty of education opportunities available to you to pursue your dreams and one of the best way to do this is through online learning. However, before you start head on with this type of education, you should know a little more about this type of opportunity. Comparing the pros and cons of online learning will let you observe that it is almost similar to those for most schools. Figuring out what will be the best for you based on your personal priorities and even circumstances should be the first thing in your mind. If you always prefer face-to-face contact with your instructors to further expand your educational experience, you might not want to go a larger school or university. In this case, online learning is not suited for you, as the most contact you have with instructors and classmates is through e-mail or discussion boards. On the other hand, this lack of interaction might be of more interest to you, if you are the type of student who might be wary of first impressions or biases in class. Of course, teachers, professors and instructors are also humans, just like the rest of the population in the world. Nobody is perfect, as the saying goes. We all have our own inherent flaw that causes us to unintentionally produce biases towards people within the first time of interacting with them. Physical interaction will be pretty limited in these kind of environment, therefore, most if not all of these kinds of behaviors is limited or will not exist. This will help persons with this kind of attitude to focus on studying than interacting with his peers. Thus, the flow on information will be sterile and it will not provide an impression of a boring lecture or a teacher you do not like.

Attending online schools or programs will provide flexibility for you. It will allow you to study at your own pace without any pressure, and at whatever time of the day you would prefer the most. You can have your own breaks whenever you need them, attend to other important chores or even commitments if need arises. It is something that traditional learning will not allow you based on its nature. However, it also has its own disadvantages. In online learning, you have to manage your own time so that you can get the most out of your online learning experience, you even have to budget a set amount of time each day or week in order to get everything done, and it will force yourself to stick to that schedule as day goes by. Moreover, there might be unwanted interruptions if you are trying to learn at home that might not exist in a traditional setting. If you would feel that it cannot be helped, then online schooling is not for you, because its flexibility might be more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage.

Getting back to the topic, comparing or choosing the right online colleges or programs that you will be attending to is way different than choosing traditional colleges. When looking for traditional colleges, it will help to visit the campus that you are eyeing and take a tour or even talk to its students. It will help you in deciding which college to attend. Such is not a case when looking for prospective online colleges. However, researching and asking questions online will help you evaluate and decide which online school to attend to. What is your goal for studying? What will be your goal once you graduate? What type of online school you are looking for? What type of program or course are you planning to have? What are your learning needs? What type of schedule will suit you? These are the important questions you should consider when looking for the perfect online school and program for you. It will be the key to help you out in researching and getting information online.

As for choosing an Online Criminal Justice School that will best suit your needs and your goals in life, it would be best to start with choosing the appropriate online school, choosing the right distance learning program comes next. One of the basic things you should consider to help you save your time and energy learning about each school is to make sure that the colleges you are considering are accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies recognized by the US Department of Education of CHEA. This way, it will not waste your time considering unaccredited institutions where you might just waste your time and money and not even receive a real college degree. Once you have narrowed your searching pool down to all the legitimate schools to be considered, you need to establish your own set of criteria to find out what are the important things that you are looking for in a school. You should consider its affordability if you are stick on setting a budget, and if the school has the program in the field that you want to go to. If it meets your criteria, you should also consider if the school has the classes with complete flexibility, or if you have to participate in online discussions at some point of time. It is very important if the online criminal justice school that you are considering will fit your personal needs and you have to make sure that you will base on your own criteria to get the most out of the school that you are considering. You may want to consider or evaluate a school by its instructors and their qualifications. When you have a good list of these online criminal justice schools, doing your background research will be of great importance. It will make all the difference. Try going to message boards, websites, and even blogs about the schools on your list. Even though the information that you will get might be somewhat biased to promote their school, you will at least get a better idea of what their school programs are like, and what others state to be the schools’ pros and cons.

Once you decided which online criminal school you are going to attend to, the next thing would be choosing the program that will not only fit your needs, but the one that will most likely be your personal goal. You have to make sure that you will not only need that type of program, you should also consider whether you really want it to be your stepping stone in your career path. Online degrees in criminal justice have a good number of programs and specialties to choose from such as law enforcement, crime scene investigation, corrections and forensic psychology, security, and more. First will be Computer Security, and under its set of programs will include Organizational Security, Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, and more. For Corrections, there will be Corrections for women and juvenile corrections. For Forensics, there are Forensic Nursing, Forensic Psychology, Computer Forensics and other programs related to its field. Justice and Security, For Private Security and Safety, there are programs like Private Security, Public Safety Administration, Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management. Next will be the Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation course, which includes Law Enforcement, Fraud Examination, Policing and Criminal Investigations under its wing. As for Homeland Security, there are Homeland Security program itself and Homeland Security Administration as well. For Criminal Justice in general, it includes Criminal Justice, Fraud Examination, Global Issues, Law, Justice Administration, Public Administration, and more. And as for Crime Scene, there are programs such as Crime Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation. You have to identify which program will be suited for your needs and your wants, and then identify the field that you want to specialized yourself with.

In terms of funding, online universities tend to be cheaper than their traditional counterparts. They are a lot of scholarships and funding for criminal justice programs, grants and loans are also available, and typically worth it! You are investing in your future!

While there are many learning opportunities available online that will help you in earning a certificate and increasing your skills, there are a good number of opportunities that can simply help you enrich your personal experience. Some only pursue online education for the joy of learning, some set it as their personal goal in life. There is no such thing called as limit if you want to enrich your life or if you want to pursue your education. Thus, whether you are pursuing a degree or a training certificate, or if you only want to gain personal enrichment, it does not take thousands of dollars or even hours out of your life. Do not even hesitate to take the first great step to getting a good education. Who knows, it might be your stepping stone to success!

People Who May Commit Obstruction Of Justice

Evidences and witnesses are very essential in a criminal case. It is in them that we can better comprehend two different perspectives narrated by two opposing sides. Well, that’s actually the beauty of criminal law. It is like a puzzle that needs to solve for the benefit of everyone. Yes, everyone deserves to see a clearer picture of what has already happened. Without the important facts and testimonies, a criminal case would just most likely become an endless series of unsolved mysteries. But what is it that hinders such mystery to total disclosure? One of which is an obstruction of justice.

Obstruction of justice is actually the crime of crippling the justice system to know the truth. How is this done anyway? Obstruction of justice is when one bends the truth through words in court, especially one that’s under oath. Obstruction of justice is when one cleans up an accident scene and hides evidences in order to not show the truth. Obstruction of justice is when one tries to protect someone (one who is most guilty of a particular offense) and keep him or her out of a specific scandal or issue. It has so many faces, and it’s done by just anyone. Who could these people be? That’s what you need to find out.

Court Men

Surprisingly, even the men in court are capable of doing this crime. As what stereotypical definitions tell us, men who work in court help people get the kind of justice they deserve. However, sometimes, when defines justice it becomes relative. It sometimes varies from one person to another, depending on one’s interest. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers are guilty of obstructing justice, especially if they do not give much value to honor and pride. However, if you have a criminal lawyer who is wise enough to notice these anomalies, true justice is on your side. It’s always good that you know the people you entrust your life with.


As mentioned earlier, obstruction of justice has different faces and all of them is finished by an invited witness to speak out loud in court. It is a form of manipulating a story where the best writer and the best actor win. A good criminal lawyer is able to prepare for such kind of ugly possibility. He or she does not only focus on the strategies your party can present in court, but also the delusional way of defense of the other narrators of the story. No, it isn’t about counteracting the bad with another bad doing. It’s letting the bad come out through a series of questions that outsmart the player. Let honesty slip through the mouths of a liar. It’s a matter of asking the right questions.


Lastly, this crime commits by anyone. Twisting the truth and bending authenticity, is very easy to do, but accessibility is not always encouraged. There are limits that need to consider in criminal law and all kinds of law. All for the conquest of justice, let the unvarnished truth prevails.