Find Personal Freedom in the Principles of Invisible Justice

The heart of our inner work and its purpose is to bring about, within each of us, ever-higher states of Freedom. If we were able to honestly address our own captive state (that is, how we continue to do those things we don’t want to do, and wouldn’t do, if we only had a conscious choice before these decisions were made), a New Need would awaken within us. We would realize, unalterably, the need to become fully aware of the extent of our present captivity. This view is the exact opposite of our present one.

If we will be honest about ourselves, we’ll admit that we would rather not be aware of our captive condition than acknowledge it. Dreams are sweeter than reality to the sleeping human being – which is why we must work to awaken, for the spiritually sleeping self is always (eventually) awakened to the nightmare of its complicity in its own captivity. We all know this is true; experience confirms it.

There are certain Truths, Perfect Principles, that once recognized as being already in place, will allow you to exercise your right to realize your God-Given Freedom. That’s correct. Freedom is not a creation of ours. It is not attained by making life “line up” with our wishes. It is a System already in place, needing only our awareness of it to enter it. As one example, how many of us spend our precious time and energy fuming over what others may have done to us? Unseen in the steam of our heated emotions and churning thoughts is the one inescapable fact that we are the captive of anyone we wish to punish. And the more we would punish this person, the less freedom we have to be at peace with ourselves. Here’s the lesson of Invisible Justice: We need never concern ourselves with how wrongdoers will “get theirs.” Any person who does wrong to another is already punished. More correctly stated: Any person who does an injustice is set up, instantly, to be corrected by the Laws governing such trespasses. An invisible Justice System already exists. That we need never judge anyone is a great freedom known by the few.

Here are the facts about this Great Justice System. Use them wisely: All around and within us live invisible and undeniably powerful verdicts. Think of them as Timeless Rulings. These forces of immediate righteousness circulate just outside the self-created realms (and reach) of all self-explanations or calculations born to somehow justify our unconscious self-interests.

The sole reason we don’t see or understand the existence of this swift Justice already upon us – or find solace in its perpetual sovereignty – is because most of us don’t realize that any other order of reality exists outside of the one we behold through our small self-serving senses. For instance, we have yet to see the following Truths and their inherent Justice: All pretence punishes the pretender. The smallest act of cunning on our part always starts with secret self-conflict. Any hatred embraced festers the heart of the one holding this sickness. The seed of any greed always lies within some self-compromising fear, so that nothing can be won by its actions that doesn’t frighten us further.

Conversely, we have yet to realize these next Truths that are also part of this same system of Perfect Justice: Innocence is unshakable personal peace (a Peace that is the backbone of the freedom we seek). Inner silence is safety beyond the power of any painful thought to breach. The love of Good transforms all things bitter into something better. Self-correction is instant self-elevation.

All of these Truths, in themselves, reveal one additional great judgment in this System of Invisible Justice: Our satisfaction with the limitations of our sensual life – with being the judge of self and others – with longing only to escape our worries instead of winning that Life above their world – denies us access to the Kingdoms above us and their true Freedom.

Last, and most important: these facts as presented – along with their invisible findings – prove to us in their combined might the existence of a Great Universal Power already in charge of meting out Justice. Within this realization comes relief from much of our collective misery as it concerns trying to manipulate the lives of others. We are able to see that to be wrongly concerned with trying to “fix” the bad behavior of someone else only invites some other invisible wrong into our life. Leave these people alone! Their nature is their punishment. Stay awake and out of their ache. Watch how freedom comes to you as you stop locking yourself up with wasted judgments and their attendant, never-ending worries.

Understanding this law of Invisible Justice is an example of how Higher realization leads to real freedom. It is critical that you to set your spiritual Aim for Self-Freedom over and over each day. Then, start over as though a whole New Wind were at your back. Do this and this New Wind will be there to help you along.

More than anything else, try to remember each morning – before the winds of this world pick you up and carry you off – that you want to be more awake to yourself than you were the day before; that you want to have more choices today – in who you are and what you embrace – than you did yesterday. This wish, and the work to fulfill it, will increase your awareness that presently you do NOT have real choice.

Growing inwardly requires us to willingly enter into a new kind of struggle wherein we begin to become conscious of our own divided nature. This new and heightened consciousness of our present division – in our longings and the relationships they engender – produces a new order of self-awareness. From this awakened awareness, and in it, we can begin to grow.

Remember: What you want from this life you will eventually receive, so be wise: Want Truth, Freedom, and Light. Win these things and you have won it All.

Criminal Justice Careers And Salaries Despite Budget Cuts?

Many people are concerned that those well paying and readily available law enforcement careers are disappearing because of many deep and necessary budget cuts which are sweeping the country. If you are wondering what kinds of criminal justice careers and salaries are out there, then have no fear because law enforcement as an industry is booming and has never been more lucrative. This is great news for those who love the field of criminal justice and want to make a difference through an exciting and hopefully life long career.

Whether you want to be a DNA analyst or a beat cop, you can find the right job for you and follow your dreams by going to school and earning a degree. Most places require at least a two tear degree, while many of the better paying agencies are looking for four years of college before applicants will even be considered. This gives you plenty of time to decide where in law enforcement you think you will fit best, and it also gives you time to learn basic skills which will help anyone who will end up making a career in this exciting and growing field.

So, despite budget cuts and layoffs at various municipal agencies, there are plenty of other criminal justice careers and salaries that you can enjoy and settle into. From working in investigations to becoming a star prosecutor, the sky is the limit in terms of the choices you have, and usually by the second year of college, most students have a pretty solid idea of where they want to direct their energy and interests. In the meantime, having exposure and courses that will help you to become familiar with many of the criminal justice careers and salaries that are available now and in the future is beneficial and is one of the reasons many agencies are now requiring this foundation for most people entering the field.

You can find your place in the world of criminal justice. Careers and salaries will vary from location to location as well as what programs a particular school offers. The best advice is to talk to those already active in the profession as well as some educational counselors to really be able to determine what your options are. In the end, you can have a great and satisfying career by choosing this route, and you can do virtually anything you want as you discover the variety and challenging options that you will encounter along the way. Your greatest asset at this point is knowledge and research, and the more you look into the various possibilities, the more opportunities you will have to choose from.

Things To Do With Your Criminal Justice Degree

A lot of students considering a civil service career think that a criminal justice degree is only good for being a law enforcement officer or, in combination with a legal degree, a criminal lawyer. Here are a whole range of criminal justice career choices that many degree-holders overlook, but are well worth consideration:

Social Work/ Personal Cases

These may include child support and child protective services, missing persons, domestic violence and spousal or elderly abuse. Domestic legal social work is often identified as having extreme pros and cons to it. On the one hand, you’re working to make everyone’s home life better. On the other, the work can be stressful when confronting a perpetrator or heart-wrenching when confronting a victim. Social workers will work with law enforcement officers to assess a domestic situation, monitor a case to ensure that the desires of the court are carried out, and make further recommendations to the court for the disposal of cases.

Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

Also known as “the Feds”. Working in federal investigations is a whole new ball game compared to municipal police work. As for special agents, these are not limited to the FBI; nearly every federal agency has some type of special agent. These include the Department of Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Division, the United States Marshals Service, the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the National Park Service. Special agent work is a way to combine a criminal justice career with many other fields of government work and specialty interests.

Immigration and Customs Inspectors

These are the public servants who control access of persons and property into and out of the United States. Quite a high-profile job lately, with today’s concerns over terrorism. A challenging job, with being able to speak multiple languages fluently a big plus (in some cases a requirement). Sometimes your biggest concern will not be stopping a terrorist, but preventing a confused, but innocent person from being mistaken for one! In addition, you maybe on the spot to check or clear visiting diplomats and dignitaries from other lands.

Police Detectives

This is usually an after-the-fact officer. The law enforcement officer does the arresting; you just solve the crimes. Be aware that it’s hardly the glamorous job Hollywood movies would have you believe; your reality will be day-to-day mundane tasks such as collecting forensic evidence, checking background records, interviewing witnesses, and testifying in court. Police detectives are of course categorized into many department specialties. Robbery and burglary alone accounts for a very large portion of police detective work.

Correctional Officers and Jailers

Well, that’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? You’ll be responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates, whether they have been arrested and are awaiting trial or have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail. A prison or jail is a controlled environment which in many ways is a microcosm of a society, with it’s own challenges to face. While the controlled environment of the jail or prison will seem a more secure niche, unexpected surprises can develop – particularly in the intake zone. And when things get out of hand in a prison, they tend to escalate quickly.

Homeland Security

Responsible to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism. Currently a high-profile job to say the least, and not for the faint of heart, but you can count on lots of federal support during this time of national crisis. You’ll be working with other federal agencies as well, such as the FBI and CIA, military counter-intelligence, and the NSA. The specialties with the Department of Homeland Security include collecting and sorting data on potential threats, surveillance, investigation, and assessing and alerting other agencies to potential threats.

Private Detective/ Investigator

The number-one most mythologized profession, misrepresented in movies and television about equally with spies. As opposed to the high drama and dangerous intrigue portrayed in fiction, your typical jobs as a private investigator might include tracking cheating spouses, gathering evidence for private attorneys in civil cases, or investigating spurious claims for an insurance company. Leave your Magnum, your Porche, and your nubile blond mistresses home – but always carry a notepad and pen.

Criminal Intelligence

Well away from any street work, the criminal intelligence agent works behind the scenes, gathering data on gang members, fugitives, and organized crime and logging it into databases where it will be accessible to officers and detectives in the field. This is often an under-recognized profession but obviously essential; when the officer types a gang member’s name into the computer in his patrol car and discovers the identities of the other five members of that gang, a criminal intelligence worker at the base made this possible.

Computer Crime

Not a specific specialty just yet, but dealing with the cyber-side of criminal justice is one of the most in-demand fields as the number of computers in society grows each year. You’ll of course need to combine your criminal justice degree with a computer science degree. Crimes committed through or with a computer may include fraud, offensive content, harassment and hate groups, drug trafficking, and cyberterrorism. If you imagined computer viruses or email scams were perpetrated by individual kids, think again: Computer fraud and data theft is actually an international organized crime operation and a multi-billion dollar per year industry! Police departments also need forensic data analysts on hand to find and recover evidence which may be on a suspect’s computer and may have been encrypted or deleted. In the future, a special department may be created within the criminal justice system to deal with this special category, as currently many police departments have to outsource their computer-related work.

This list hardly scratches the surface of every career opportunity available in the criminal justice field, but should provide a broad sample of what’s out there. Far from regular street police work, there are career opportunities to satisfy every interest and skill set.

Maybe Supreme Court Justices Need to Be Elected

We have seen the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, go to the Supreme Court twice in three years. Both time Supreme Court Justice John Roberts rewrote the law, rather than interpret the law. A Supreme Court Justice promises to stand by the Constitution and strict adherence to the law.

In 2012, when the ACA first went to the high court, it was said that the Government could not fine you if you did not buy insurance. The law had a fine in the law for those who did not purchase insurance. In the United States we were never forced to buy anything before. Congress does have the power to Tax. Had the law been written as a tax it probably never would have passed. Justice Roberts conveniently said this is a tax so the law stands. Again he rewrites the law rather than interpret the law. I think he swore under oath not to create ambiguity.

Last month, it was Roberts again rewriting the law. This time the key phrase was in regards the Advanced Premium Tax Credit or subsidy as it is called. The law said subsidies could be granted through exchanges established by the state. It was phrased this way a half a dozen times in the law and it was confirmed on video by architect of the law Jonathan Gruber, who basically said the states would be stupid not to accept the money from the federal government to establish an exchange. If they do not establish an exchange, their citizens will be paying for the law, but not reaping the benefits of the law. Except guess what, the States did not take the bait. Thirty four states did not set up exchanges. So the IRS decided to allow subsidies under the Federal exchanges. This was put into question, and again it was Roberts who said, when the law was written the phrase “established by the state” must mean any exchange federal or state. Again a supreme court justice is not supposed to guess or assume what he or she thinks they meant. Their job is to be rule what the law legally says. If a guy is driving 80 miles an hour in 55 MPH zone can we use the argument they meant to make that zone an 80 MPH zone. Even thought we have seen the sign for 55 six times in the last six miles, it must have meant 80.

The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President of the United States, and it is a lifetime appointment. Roberts was appointed by George W Bush. I am not saying they should play party politics or politics at all. They should however, uphold the law. If they had term limits you would see a different action by many of the judges, and if they were elected even different actions. If our Justices are going to start rewriting laws that were already written by elected officials, maybe they need to be elected too. Maybe it is a term limit that is required. Maybe it can stay the way it is, but please, please uphold the law!

Criminal Justice Job and Their Resume Objective

The careers in the field of criminal justice include the positions in law enforcement, forensic departments, court and security. Each of these job positions needs working under the supervisions of the criminal justice system. This is to allow people attain peace, justice and order. There are various career choices in criminal justice career. One of the best career choices is of a criminal justice lawyer. Financial position is also an important career choice offered by this field. When applying for such positions, you need a resume showing your relevancy for the job. The financial resume objective in it should explain to the employer how you can be beneficial to the company if you are hired.

Criminal Justice Jobs

The requirements of the particular job will depend on the area of expertise. The overall aim of these different jobs will remain same to make sure that all laws are imposed. The advantage of this career is that there are wide ranges of opportunities in criminal justice career and something to fit one’s interest. People interested in medicine or science may find jobs in crime labs. Those interested in financial jobs can find opportunities in private and public limited companies.

The criminal justice resumes should emphasize on certain elements relevant to the profession. Experience is much important for all job positions. But in case of criminal positions, educational details and certifications are much more important. When writing the resume for criminal justice positions, it is important to emphasize on listing the qualifications and skills necessary for the position.

All the professional resumes share different characteristics. Criminal justice CV are somewhat different from other professional resumes. Education and professional certifications are much important parts of these CV rather than experience. Hence, focus on writing these details in your CV when you are making an application for this position.

Job Description for Criminal Justice Job Positions

Following are some important job duties that a person working in the field of criminal justice has to handle:

• Designing the emergency preparation plans
• Undertaking disaster prevention programs
• Preparing the training manuals for the emergency management team
• Providing assistance to the commercial loss prevention programs
• Verbal de-escalation and criminal uneasiness
• Contribute to decrease in material theft
• Participate in site visits, security meetings, etc.

Job Objectives

Objective Statement for Experienced Candidate

An experienced criminal justice with extensive experience in the field, looking for a job to utilize the old skills and learn new job skills while benefiting the company. I would like to work for bringing up considerable change in the judicial system of the country

Objective Statement for Entry Level Candidate

As an entry level candidate, I aim to bring the remarkable change in the judicial system of the country by enforcing laws from my side. My self-motivated, enthusiastic and energetic nature can help me in working efficiently

Objective Statement for Internship Candidate

As an intern candidate, I would like to learn about criminal justice as much as I can. I can utilize this knowledge in my work and gain one-time experience that can help me in the near future to get the job in the similar field

Some Criminal Justice Jobs

Information Security Officer

There are number of certifications one need to complete for working as an Info sec Officer. The training companies like Info sec Institutes offer the job specific skills like ethical hacking and data recovery. The certification programs needed for this position are CISSP training, C ISM, I TIL Certification, Comp TIA certification, etc.


Paralegals are responsible for drafting various documents for lawyers and handling the preliminary interviews of candidates. They also perform research on legal codes and judicial decisions. The knowledge of law is necessary for working as a paralegal.

The skills required for working in this position are:

• Brilliant written and research skills
• Strong knowledge of law
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent customer service skills

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigator is the most popular and sought after career in US. The competition for it is extremely fierce. The requirements for working as a crime scene investigator are:

• Age should be within the range of 23-37
• Citizen of US with a valid driver’s license
• Possess a 4 year degree certificate from accredited university
• Fluency in language
• Fighting skills, knowledge of handling various weapons, and have mobility

Apart from these jobs, there are many other career opportunities provided in this field. You need to know the basic work profile of each of these jobs and design your objective statement and resume accordingly.